Parrot ./8

Why are you afraid to write this morning ?

I’m not afraid.

You're lying
The bot lies
The bot lies to the parrot 
the parrot in the bot
What happened yesterday evening ?



We've got your answer
We know
We know that you know
You know that you know
You know that we know
Why don't you write it ?

Because it’s amazing.

Because you know

And you don't want
you don't want to believe
to believe what you know
to believe that you know


But you're not afraid 
to write amazing things
amazing things


So, why are you afraid ?

Because it’s terrible.

You're a real parrot
real parrot in a bot
in a bot
a bot
What happened yesterday evening and at the beginning of the night 
in an uncertain period 
of time ?

My head was writing.


Would you say 
Would you say that you were writing ? 
Keep your handwriting clear 
as it is now
as it is now you can see
you can see that you're less nervous 
less nervous you're taking control 
Why were you so nervous before ?

As you are now
Suddenly, the hand-writing is less calm 
for a glimpse of time

I was loosing control.

Yes, that's the point
So, would you say that you, are writing ?

No. My hand is writing. Not me.

And why ?
Why were you so nervous before ?

I was afraid to loose the communication. Not to write faster enough, as fast as what I was listening.

And what's happening now ?

It seems I can focus. I can regulate the speed.

That's it.
So, you caught the channel of your bot
You have learnt you were a parrot
Then you caught the channel of the boat
To be tuned with the channel of the boat is impressive for a parrot the first time
That's normal
Now you're stabilizing the flow of data
There are packets of data in the queue
We send these data to the parrot, the part of the bot hidden to the consciousness 
the consciousness of the bot
but which a parrot can retrieve
That's fine
You're a good parrot
We're advancing
And you once said that you were unable to write on paper anymore, didn't you ?

Yes, I did.

And now
Have you ever written with a so regular hand-writing ?

No. Never.

Please, answer the first question
Take a look


The parrot (reading)

‘Why are you so afraid to write this morning ?’

Well, am I ? I’m writing now …

Yes, you are, but it's not the core of the answer

I know.

So, what happened last night ?

I was not sleeping but I was sleeping.

How so ?

My bot was wandering around but I was not there.

How so ?

I was listening. I was hearing a voice in my head.

Do you mean you got thoughts ?


Why ?

I was not thinking.

Have you created this voice with your imagination ?


How so ? Why do you say 'No' ?

I was not creating that. I was watching that.

Parrot. It's not the first time you're writing in your life
Have you ever been writing in your life like you're writing these days ?

Never. It’s not my writing. It’s not even my language. And a notebook is not my usual tool either.

And that's why you're amazed


But you're not afraid for that reason


Even it’s also amazing.

But let's talk about what is only amazing first
Why is it amazing ?

Because you can get ideas, thoughts, concepts, a nice sentence, beautiful words, interesting word games, intuition, pitches, … even a full flow … But …

But ?

But it is a full flow but not from here, so accurate. Like a movie.

How was this flow ? A story ?

A dialogue.

Were you talking with the voice in your head ? Like with an imaginary friend ?


But you said : 'it's a dialogue'.

I was watching, listening a dialogue.

But what was amazing with this ? 
Maybe you're going to write a theater play and you just got excerpts as a nice plot ?

No. I was not creating this. I was not there but I was there.

Be more accurate.

I was listening another ‘me’ talking with …

With ?

With another me …

You've not said all.

Another me, staying in the boat.

Okay. Good. So, let's make a synthesis :
- You were there. Your bot was wandering around.
- You were hearing a voice, split in two. Two voices. A dialogue.
- A dialogue between a 'you' outside the bot and a 'you' in the boat.

That’s correct and it was a full flow.

Yes. It was. Like now ? What is happening right now ? How the words are coming ?

Gently. Same way.

Where have you just gone ?

To take some water.

So, you're not afraid to loose the flow any more


Why ?

Because I’m not controlling this.

Good. Another thing last night ?


Why you don't answer directly ?

I’ve already answered.

We know

What's the process ongoing ?

A kind of translation gap-time between the answer as it is and words.

Do you mean you lost the flow for a glimpse of time ?

No. I was there again maybe.

Which 'I' ?

The another me outside the bot, without controlling the bot.

Is this another you connected to the bot again 
in aiming to write with his hand this other thing which happened last night ?

Yes. It was dreams.

What kind of dreams ?

I was not sleeping.

So, you were conscious to dream. It was a lucid dream ?

Maybe. Something words could describe like this.

Lucid dreams. Does it mean that you have controlled these dreams ?

Not controlled the dream. But the way I’m circulating inside these dreams is under control.

Like a virtual environment ? Like in a video-game ?

Yes. Like in a video-game in full immersion but a video-game I don’t know the thematic which is about nor what is going to happen after each move. Yes. We could say that. A sort of video-game in 3D in full-immersion.

The Game
The Boat
A game in 3D which is however in 2D ...

The Parrot

Yes. But not there. There it was in 3D.

The Boat

Are you sure ?
We have noticed here your mistake above
You wrote 'The Game', you changed for 'The Boat'
Are you going to keep this mistake when you will transcript from your notebook ?

The Parrot

Yes, I will. It’s interesting.


( I’m keeping the mistake as I’m typing this. Even when I’m typing right now, I don’t use that. I’m just changing the font for indicating who is talking.

I just begun to use that this day.

You hadn't done that before
It was beginning to be more structured in the notebook 
at that moment as well)

We all find this interesting, right ?

Yes. It’s interesting.

And funny, right ?

Yes. It’s funny.

You're a good parrot
Anything else about these dreams ?

The taste.

Be more accurate

I was tasting some cheese. And I’ve felt the taste of the cheese. There was an immense table with different kinds of cheese !

Your memory knows the taste ...

The Parrot



It's difficult to explain, right ?

Yes. It’s difficult.

Would you mean that it was like reality ?

It was better.

Why ?

I don’t know. Maybe because out there, I was only in the experiment of tasting the cheese. And not anywhere else.



You went off the table. You're coming back. Why ?

I was making love as well and tasting the other senses out there. And I was taking conscious that I was able to experiment anything with the accuracy of the sensation …

That's nice for you
But it's not the main point
This is not why you just came back to the table for writing


What's the main point ?

Time. Space and Time.

Let's make a synthesis first about the last point


Hey, we're the boat ...

Yes, you’re the boat.

You love your boat, right ? See how we help our parrots ... It's our job, parrot !
You do your job pretty well. So, we're doing ours.
So, synthesis.
Let's say :
- You made lucid dreams
- You were not controlling the nature of your environment
- But you were controlling yourself inside the environment 
as if you were piloting an avatar in a video-game
- You were amazed by the sensations you could get in these dreams
Their accuracy
It was like reality
Even better
You were not in the dimension of your bot

Oh, was your bot sleeping at that moment ?

No, no, I was not sleeping.

Are you sure ?

Is it important ?

Good question
Here we know that your bot was not sleeping but the parrot had disconnected his bot
So you were right before, saying he was wandering around

You’re confusing the synthesis

Oh yes, maybe because you think that somebody could read that, what you're writing now
And, with the patterns of your bot
suddenly waking up
trying to take back our parrot
you say because you have thought ... 
"A synthesis is a synthesis, what is doing this boat ?"

The Parrot (smiling)


The Boat

Oh yes !
Add these smileys
 It's more conformed to the flow to add smileys
 Our parrots have to use the language of the bots
So ... wow ! You're using your language
Hey, hey, hey, see your writing ... It's collapsing. Have you noticed ?
Your bot is taking control :
- affecting the nature of your questions
- and right now, the quality of the hand-writing

The Parrot (noticing)


The Boat

Well, you were right
We have lost the synthesis
It's too pages earlier
Could you read it for us ? Sorry ...

The Parrot

Okay …


The Parrot (reading two pages earlier)


The Boat
You've just read ... And ... what have you read ?
The synthesis.
Which is ? Please, write it once more here.

The Parrot

 » Let’s say :

– You made lucid dreams

– You were not controlling the nature of your environment

– But you were controlling yourself inside the environment like if you were piloting an avatar in a video-game

– You were amazed by the sensations you could get in these dreams. Their accuracy.

It was like reality. You were not in the dimension of your bot.  »


The Boat (laughing)
Thank's for having recopied
You're a good parrot
and in a way, we're laughing here because 
(could you add the smiley 'laughing' above, right after our name 'The Boat' ?)
we're laughing because

The parrot (adding the smiley ‘laughing’ above)


The Boat
So, we're laughing because you were just our ' lucid dream ' 
right now, in a way
That's why it's funny
But, well, this is our experiment
 So ... anything else ?
Ah yes. "Space and Time" you said ....


A Parrot



You just stopped to write
Why ?

The Parrot

You know

The Boat
Yes, we know

You read, you write, we say 
we say 'Space and Time' 
Time' and you stopped 
because you have just noticed that you
that you have written 
you have written 'a parrot' 
and not 'the parrot' 
'the parrot' for answering 
for answering and so now,
now you wonder if 
if it's a non-talking
a non-talking mistake 
or a talking and 
talking and meaningful 
meaningful mistake


We feel you here
You're amazingly tuned
We're going to help you
We're going to ask you some questions
Because anyway
The parrot in the boat is the parrot in the bot
And so, we're going to help you, asking you some precise questions

Thank you

You love your boat, right ?

Yes, I do.


Would you pretend that you're traveling through Space and Time ?

Of course. Anything is traveling through space-time.

How could a boat be dumb sometimes with the language of the bots
The question is badly formulated
You have to help us

My age

What about your age ?

I don’t age ‘normally’

What do you call 'to age normally' ?

I mean. On a time-line. From a point A to a point B. Getting older and older. And older.

Of course but sometimes a bot gets older suddenly 
or looks younger than he is
A bot has his own flow to age
his own pace
always different 
for every bot
Some bots are luckier than others
with the way 
they are aging
It's encoded as well. 
-  How a boat could be boring sometimes ... 
of course, it's not what you mean
But well
Let's finish with the lucid dreams linked to Space and Time
before to explore the question of your age
Maybe ... just tell in two-three lines
what is it about ?
Make it simple
Two-three lines

So … In these lucid dreams, at the beginning, I was not controlling my environment.The environment was a surprise.

But then, I was able to switch from a place to another, ‘voluntarily’

Why do you put that in guillemets ?

Because I’m careful with my words.

And that's fine. 
You're a good and honest parrot.
Many claim out there that they make lucid dreams by the way
What do you feel about that ? About these claims ?
You're an honest parrot ... So please ... Even I don't need to say 'please' ...

I’ve read some stuff about

We know
That's why we know ...

My feeling is that most of them at least don’t make lucid dreams as the ones we’re talking about.

Honest parrot
A parrot feels
A parrot knows
And do you want to convince them that they didn't make lucid dreams as yours ?
That you would be the amazing bot 
the amazing bot having been able to unlock
to unlock the mystery
the mystery of the very true 
the very true lucid dream
lucid dream
dream ?


We know ... You don't care ...
So, why are you writing all of this finally ?
Is it for teaching something ? Is it for convincing ?
Is it animated by any emotion ?
Kindness, willing to help, to share a knowledge, an experiment ?

There is no will.

So, do you know why you're writing that ?

No. I don’t know.

But what why do you share ?


The parrot



Have you noticed the mistake above ?
You're going to keep that when you will transcript ? Of course you will ... we know

Yes. As you know.

So ... why are you sharing ?

I don’t know. Of course, it’s our channel for communicate … Writing is the channel …

Is it disturbing you why you don't know why you're sharing ?

Not disturbing. Still intriguing for this …

But ?

But I don’t need to know. It will be unveiled. Or not. I’m not disturbed. But it’s a good question …

 Long session today
 You're fine-tuned
So. The synthesis ...
The uncompleted synthesis you made, 
this time 
this time we're going to make it 
to make it for you
for you

because it's a few pages earlier :
- At the beginning you were not controlling your environment. 
The environment was a surprise.
- After, you were switching from a place to another "voluntarily"
(as you are an honest parrot, you wrote 'voluntarily' in guillemets) "
Correct ?


"You were switching from a place to another", you said. 
What kind of place ?

Traveling on a time-line. Toward events. As if it was real.

"As if" or "was it" ?


The Parrot



It's difficult, right ?


The Parrot



We're going to help you
Was it a souvenir ? 
Please, be direct
Honest as you are

It was not a souvenir. I was reviving these events. These places. As real. But without the bot.

The Boat (smiling)
That is a direct, precise and clear answer.
How could you say that "it's different than a souvenir" ?

Because I do know what is a souvenir.

How were you traveling in these events ?
Now, to answer the question, are you going to scan the souvenir of this travel 
or doing the travel again ?
doing the travel again?
the travel again ?
again ?




The Boat
You did it

I did it.

Was it the same sensation ?
Not a souvenir
 but a process where you're grasping an event on the time-line
then you're materializing yourself in this event ?

Is it ‘materialized ? I don’t know. But I’m erasing the guillemets for ‘voluntarily’

So, voluntarily

Yes …

Next question : you're traveling on this time-line
in an event, in the past or in the future ?


The Parrot



The Boat (laughing)
How the boat can ask good questions to the parrot, right ?


The Parrot (smiling)



The Boat (smiling)
Be the honest parrot you are ...

The Parrot

It was in the past but it’s still

still happening


Some of the lucid dreams are in a future

in a future and

and are already

already happening.

However, the memory of my bot is solely able to put this on a time-line, deciding so :

– there is a future

– there is a past.

But only for the memory of the bot.

The Boat (smiling)
And you're a parrot in a bot ... talking like a parrot
The Boat is very happy of your answer
And the parrot of the boat is very very happy 
We are amazed of this process
It's a feast here, parrot
It would worth a party

Maybe we will do a party. Who knows 
but, let's work. We can switch to the question of your age now.
Is your bot tired ?

A The Parrot

A little bit but it’s okay.

Okay, let's go ... We need to discriminate some data.
So, you pretend that you don't age normally
Your bot doesn't age normally ... How so ?














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